Welcome fellow fashionista,

We at fashiondrawingtemplate.com work in the fashion industry and are in fashion education at a tertiary level.

The site has been created to address the need for quality contemporary fashion templates at a reasonable price – all are $2 AUD.

The templates are created to be used singularly or as grouped figures. You can buy them one at a time or buy a group of figures.

There are optional arms, hair, faces and accessories included with the single templates.

Other than templates we have a ‘How to’  category if you need help with basic fashion figure structure , garment drawing and rendering.

In ’How To’ is a tutorial on how to turn yourself or someone else into a fashion template.
We have found this helpful for those who are designing for themselves, individuals or for performers and actors.

Being in constant contact with the fashion industry and professional forecasting services ensure that we will always update our fashion directional styling.

We’d love to hear from you if you have any requests or suggestions and hope that you find our web site helpfull with illustrating your fashion design ideas.

The FDT Team, enjoy…